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Gratuitous inebriated waffle house selfie by boondoc http://ift.tt/1r1RaQl

@roxiemoxie, @so_treu & @tgirlinterrupted FTW. by thewayoftheid http://ift.tt/1r0O1Ao

Me and Nelsan Ellis chillin’ at #DragonCon. He wanted to show me how to handle my fan, so I let him (and then I gave it to him). by ktempestbradford http://ift.tt/1nhtYJb

My other bebeh. #dragoncon by thewayoftheid http://ift.tt/1uhEHrl

A year ago they were strangers. Now they’re in love. See what can if I sell you for wifi? by thewayoftheid http://ift.tt/1u3Cj8f